Holy Grail Products: Eight Hour Cream & Lucas' Papaw Ointment

I am one of those people who are armed with tubes of cream in any emergency. Scar? I've got something for that. Burn? Let me at it. Scratch? This'll sort that right out. But with an influx of celebrity-backed repair creams sneaking into view, this post is going to be about the two I love and why!

Ok, first up is the utterly outstanding 8hr cream - or, as I more commonly name it - 'magic cream'. Sweet Jesus, this stuff is UNBELIEVABLE. Honestly, believe the hype ladies. Believe the hype. I can see it may look as though I'm exaggerating here but literally, if I have a scratch (yes puppy, I'm looking at you) or anything similar... Two days' applications of this bad boy and there is no trace. Yes. I know.

It's meant to be used for 'minor skin irritations' - everything from peeling to sunburn and abrasions - but personally I keep it for scratches etc and healing spots. You wouldn't think it would be great for spots being greasy, but I slicked some on one evening to try and combat a horrendously stubborn dry spot and voila! It's also a constant staple on my desk for rubbing into cuticles and any scars I want to disappear.

My ONLY criticism is that, for some reason, it's not good for my lips? Well it doesn't taste the best for a start (kiss repellant) but it's also quite a thin consistency so I find it doesn't last very long. There is the stick variation (they do tinted versions of these too) which I tried but no difference there. It also ran out in about 48 hours - I kid you not.

Now for the newbie - Lucas' papaw ointment. A new kid on the block over here, this is a well-known remedy from Australia. I like the look of this, it's classic. It also resists looking a bit grubby when left in the realms of your suitcase/bag, which is something 8hr fails on. The intended uses are the same as 8hr (although a little more gruesome - boils and gravel rash, anyone?!) but realistically, I think it's much more of a glorified, better-performing Vaseline. It doesn't have AS incredible healing abilities as 8hr, but as it's a bit of a thicker consistency I really like using it on my lips; it's really soothing and feels 'cushiony' - if you understand what I mean here I salute you.

A lot of people complain of the smell of 8hr (it's quite medical/lemony but I really don't mind it), but there is now a fragrance free version, no excuse now ladies! It's also pretty pricey at around £25 for a 30ml tube; but then, it does last. A tube will last me for 5-6 months as you only need a dab whereas the papaw will only be around 6 weeks as I smother that mother on. Either way - I declare myself an avid fan of both and won't be giving either of these gems up ANY time soon.

You can pick up Eight Hour Cream from any Boots, department store or FeelUnique.com (best value); but Lucas' Papaw Ointment isn't readily available in the UK. I get mine from eBay - link to the seller I use here, they're great.

Are there any other die-hard fans of these products out there? Which do you prefer? x

(Ooh, I almost forgot - I use the Eight Hour Cream facial moisturiser, too, and it is just as fantastic! Let me know if you'd like a review lovelies!)

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