Alpha H Liquid Gold

Call me old fashioned, but I have always obeyed a religious - obsessive, even - routine when it comes to skincare; and cemented in my mind is the fact that lack of moisture = premature wrinkles. Therefore, sacrificing my trusted serum and moisturiser festivities every other night to wipe a cotton pad soaked in ACID all over my face seems purely insanitary. Surely, substituting my trusty ANR (link) would reap havoc on my (already very temperamental) skin and strip away the goodness?

Well, apparently not - because in actuality, a face full o' good old glycolic acid does absolute wonders for refining and rejuvenating your skin. Without getting sciencey, Liquid Gold from the highly commended skincare powerhouse Alpha H works by sloughing away dead skin cells with the aim of improving skin tone (or just plain kicking pigmentation's ass, horrah!) and texture; working away to leave skin flawless and oh-so smooth. Glycolic acid is also the main ingredient in chemical peels designed to reveal glowing skin, so you can see the result we're aiming for here!

In my never ending quest for baby soft skin I have been using Liquid Gold for around 6 weeks now, every other night. The bottle advises that you saturate a cotton pad in solution and wipe over just-cleansed skin for best results. It gives the option to use moisturiser after, too, but my skin doesn't tend to be too dry so I go it alone in order to hopefully achieve the best possible effects. (Obviously, if you have more sensitive skin you should follow with your night cream to save discomfort).

So far so good - my skin seems to be keeping breakout-free and looks much more clarified; although, I must admit I'm not certain that this is solely down to this product, as I am using quite a few different potions alongside it. Time will tell.
One bad point, which is immediately tellable: the smell. MY GOD it smells like neat vodka and it is vile. Definitely not something you want to be swiping across your face after a heavy night; although, I haven't heard that complaint before so maybe thats just me (the girl with oh-too-many bad vodka-induced experiences). Moving on....

I got the 100ml bottle from LookFantastic.com for £31.50, which may seem steep; but bear in mind that you're only using the product every other night. I've been using mine for approx 6 weeks and still have at least 3/4 of a bottle left. If you're conscious of a sluggish complexion I would 100% recommend that you give this a whirl!

Sarah x


  1. I've been using this on and off for a few weeks now and also love it! Found it to help a lot with reducing pigmentation too...and is it wierd that I kind of like the smell?! X

    1. Hey Alex, glad you love it too - it's so hard to find a product that reduces pigmentation! As for liking the smell... yep not gonna lie that's pretty weird ;) haha x