Clinique all about eyes rich

Upon opening an (unjustifiably enormous) ASOS parcel the other day, I found this little beauty smiling up at me!

I have been DYING to try this for quite some time now but resisting the urge to purchase until I've finished up my pot of Advanced Night Repair eye, so I was elated to receive this little sample pot for free.
On initial inspection it's a very creamy, dense substance which feels silky smooth when applied. It doesn't sink in very well, though, so I'm not sure how well it will get on with maintaining eye makeup when worn during the day. Saying that it is the 'rich' version so that is to be expected; I presume the original All About Eyes soaks in better and imagine it to be a thinner consistency. I think I might reserve this as my 'night' eye cream and use ANR in the mornings as it's a gel-like, silkier consistency that will work better with makeup. I actually read somewhere the other day that you should use two eye creams: lighter in the day and a thicker one at night, when skin repairs itself (plus, that means I get to use two fab products at once - win!)

Having used the cream for a little over a week now, I have to say I'm really impressed! As I mentioned earlier, I use it only for evenings due to its heavier consistency, but in that short time there's a huge improvement in the radiance of my under eye area; as well as complete hydration. Good work! Being such a miracle worker, though, All About Eyes has made me doubt the performance of my Advanced Night Repair eye cream - i haven't noticed any results using this, which is surprising considering I absolutely worship it's serum form. Hate to say it but I won't be repurchasing that again - I'll be fishing for a Clinique alternative.

Do you use a different eye cream for day/night? What are your favourites? x

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