Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference

I was excited to hear of the launch of the visible difference range by Elizabeth Arden as I'm a die hard 8hr cream fan (full review here) and couldn't wait to see if it lives up to my expectations.

The range is built up of cleansers, toners and moisturisers tailored for three different skin types: dry, combination or oily, along with universal serums, eye creams and masks. I chose the Skin Balancing Exfoliating Cleanser and Skin Balancing Toner; opting not to go for a moisturiser as I'm super happy with my Eight Hour Cream Moisturising Lotion (and if we're going down the 'you get better results using a same-brand routine' road.....)
Soo after the trauma of having to get a replacement toner following the first one being thrown over the fence by a novice delivery driver (don't you know the importance of toner?!?!), here they are:

Ok, first thoughts: plastic bottles - really? Not impressed. There's just something about plastic bottles on skincare that make them feel very.... I don't know... Cheap? They're just far more elegant in glass, or at least a sturdier plastic?! I'm rambling here. But my point is that the cleanser is in a squeezy tube (not good when you are forever squirting too much out. A pump dispenser is far better for quantity control) and the toner, although it actually doesn't look that bad, has THE biggest pouring hole. It just gets everywhere, it's not pretty.

Moving on. Upon using the cleanser it's a really nice consistency. It's creamy and foams when wet, which I'm a sucker for as I feel it really leaves your face squeaky clean. It's also slightly exfoliating which is lovely. My only criticism (moaning hell I sound like such an old bag) would be that it leaves your skin quite tight/dry! Off the top of my head I would liken it to the way your skin feels after you've used a bar of soap? (hope you're scrambling for a bar of dove right now!). The toner smells wonderful - very floral - and leaves my face feeling smooth and mattified which is a definite thumbs up!

Now, I don't like to jump to conclusions with skincare as, especially considering my problematic skin, sometimes things seem fine for a few weeks then bite me on the ass. So, four weeks on and Elizabeth Arden, you have not let me down! I'm seriously impressed. My skin is much smoother and definitely feels more refined. I've had no breakouts, either, which certainly warrants approval.

Having had another mooch online I'm interested in trying a couple of the other items from this range, too; namely the Optimising Skin Serum and ESPECIALLY the Peel and Reveal Revitalising Mask, an exfoliating mask which retexturises to minimise blemishes (pores, lines, general nasties) and leave skin soft and glowing. Swooon.

Have you tried any of the Visible Difference range? I'd love to hear comments on the serum and mask I'm keen to try x

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